Tuesday, January 18, 2011

.Korean Pop Lover.

Hope you don't mind if I said this.
It's familiar to see girls who are so adore & addict to Korean Pop isn't it?
but, Korean Pop lover are not only girls, somehow boys.

And surprisingly, most of my friends, 
the term 'friends' which I point here are boys.
Most of them likes & being my korean soul-mate.

Korean especially celebrities are totally cute.
frankly speaking, I can't even stand when I saw korean in television.
Euww?? (perempuan apa lah kau ni MOON?)
haha. Sorry, not only korean men but ladies too, are so adorable.

But, those who are not interested to korean will say like this:
"Kau tau kah? Budak2 Korea tu nampak lawa saja, tapi sebenarnya,
budak2 tu buat pembedahan plastik tau. 
Jadi, masih minat sama budak2 tu?"

& for sure I'll answered like this:
"Itu aku tau. Aku minat sama budak2 tu bukan sebab lawa saja,
tapi, aku suka bahasa diaorang lah. 
Itu hal diaorang lah kalau mahu buat apa-apa pun pada diri diaorang.
Tapi, betul lah. 
Macam best saja kalau dapat belajar bahasa diaorang tu. 
ottokkee, oppaaa, saranghae, kencanna, hehe"

This is a lil bit info for all of you 
watch KBS WORLD for more entertainment & so on
about their country.

If you want to know the new & hit music.
Don't forget to watch K-pop Hitz only on Hitz.Tv
Monday-Friday (2.30p.m to 3.30p.m)
Repeat (10.00p.m to 11.00p.m).

The best drama this January is
only on TV3.
Monday-Friday (3.00p.m to 4.00p.m)

I'm a big fans of korean celebrities shown in the pictures.
pictures shown were abducted from photobucket.

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