Sunday, April 15, 2012


This special post is particularly dedicated to 
my beloved cousin.

I was just wondering,
how does it like,
celebrating your birthday without your lovely family by your side.
And hope my prediction would turns out opposite to the reality.

Sorry before that,
this might be the last wishes you got on your birthday, today (still 14 April in Egypt).
And sorry too, for not calling you or maybe "skype-ing".
spending some time to sing you a birthday song even you couldn't bear the lovely voice.
I'm having a tough days these days and assuming this will be continued two months ahead.
struggling, crying, and eating more than usually intake.
Hope you understand how the situation was.
And now stealing some of  my bloody-short-time, pen out some text for you here. 

To you my lovely,
I would trust you more than anyone else after my parents.
I trust you even more than I trust my siblings.
My great partner, my comfort-mate, my best friend ever and my boyfriend.

I'm sending you my pray,
you doing well in every single things you do.
Being anak solehah, and Insya-ALLAH someday, will be
isteri mithali. :)

Not to forget,
a successful Muslim doctor. Insya-ALLAH.

I know that you are struggling to the max,
on your way to track mumtaz in your final examination.
I hope everything will be well-prepared and I know you do.
As you are always a smart student as far as I know.

In surah An Najm (53: 39-41)
Allah says "Dan bahawa manusia hanya memperoleh apa yang telah diusahakannya, Dan sesungguhnya usahanya itu kelak akan diperlihatkan kepadannya, kemudian akan diberi balasan kepadanya dengan balasan yang paling sempurna."

keep your faith in Allah,
never hesitate HIS plan.
Makes an effort on what you do.
Wishing you healthy bright future.

Sappokk till jannah.
May ALLAH bless you always lovely :)

(14 years old)

 (15 years old)

(16 years old)

(18 years old)

1 comment:

  1. sapoooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    :") thankkk youu, aww mau nangis sudah ni. hihi. terharu,

    haritu rumah aku teda internet almost seminggu dah nda online ni, baru hari ni ada. tulahhh. nda dapat skype pun gn family, atau kau, tapi. insyaAllah semua ada hikmah.

    thanks for the birthday wishes, wallets and your endless prayers! muah muah muahhh!! i love you fillahhh :) till jannah insyaAllah!

    may Allah bles you too. takke care ok :)


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